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We have been working with the QJumper team for some time now, to deliver our customers their very own branded app, linked directly to the POS system. QJumper was originally developed as a pre-ordering, payment and loyalty app but the team has recently added some new features which bring real value considering today’s new world.

Get to know QJumper
We are aware this might be the first you’ve heard of the QJumper app, so we thought it makes sense to share some basics to get you started.
QJumper has been built, and is supported, right here in New Zealand.  It’s designed to provide customers the ability to have their own branded app, for a fraction of the price it would cost to build, meaning this brilliant technology is accessible to small Kiwi businesses.
With QJumper, you can have your own app up and running in around two weeks, it’s that simple.

    • Order to table
      With this feature, your customers can use your app to order & pay for meals and beverages while sitting at their table. This helps reduces contact with items that get touched by many people like menus and Eftpos machines.
    • Order to room
      Similar to delivery, the app has also been designed with room service in mind.  Do you have guests who are self-isolating?  If you have hotels, motels, or even rest homes this feature will come in real handy.Your guests are able to select their meal, preferred meal time and pay all from within the app
      It’s also able to be used by caregivers to order on behalf of.  No more missing slips of paper, orders and disappointed guests.As an added bonus, it also cuts down on the amount of staff time needed to handle the transaction, enabling you to serve more, with less.  And with easier ordering from the table, your customers may be more inclined to order one last round, or that dessert they’ve been thinking about.
    • Delivery
      Delivery functionality has also been introduced.  Don’t worry about being sent miles out in the country – the app cleverly allows you to control how far your delivery radius is.
      Addresses entered are also verified with Google Maps, so you can rest assured your orders won’t get lost, and delivery times can be customised to ensure your kitchen isn’t overwhelmed.
      The app also allows for delivery fees to be added if needed, to ensure you can retain your margin – something you don’t see with the likes of Uber Eats.
    • Control at your fingertips with the Merchant App
      The Merchant App is a crucial part of the QJumper platform, that enables you to take full control of your menu and your customer messaging.
      Update your menu on the fly, marking items either on special, or as unavailable / sold out to create a sense of urgency with your customers for those coveted items.  You can also upload pictures of your products for those visual buyers.
      Customer messaging is also handled through the Merchant App, where you can configure and send Push Notifications to your registered customer’s mobile phones.  Pretty handy if you want to put a special on, or update trading hours or restrictions.
    • Eliminating Loyalty Cards
      No-one wants to hold on to a coffee loyalty card, shuffling through their wallet holding up time as you’re trying to clear the line.
      With QJumper, this headache is taken away with their built-in coffee loyalty card system.  You define how many cups need to be paid for to earn a free coffee and your customers get to see their stamps adding up with each transaction.
      Since QJumper “talks” to IdealPOS, you are also able to use your existing loyalty points system, with purchases made via your app, updating your customer’s loyalty points in IdealPOS.


Download the demo

QJumper is simple to use and is designed with your customers in mind.
The best way to see how this works is to take a look for yourself.
Use the links on the right to download the demo app today.

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We are happy to go through a demo with you over the phone if you would like further information.  We can also share stories of other businesses who we’ve successfully integrated the QJumper app into, as well as some lessons we’ve learned along the way.