Let AI Menu transform your customer dining experience

Increase revenue, reduce costs and speed up table turnover

Are you a restaurant, café, or hospitality or entertainment venue? Do you want to cut costs, lift revenue, and streamline your operation? POSPRO’s AI menu can help.

  • Increase sales and upsell
  • Keep customers happy
  • Improve wage efficiency
  • Get real-time menu control
  • Gain strategic customer insights
  • Analyse sales with real-time reporting

AI-driven POS is the way of the future

Restaurants can no longer excel by just providing good food at fair prices. Modern diners now demand a quick and easy customer experience.

Digital menus with AI-powered personalisation are becoming the industry standard for delivering a fast, accurate service. They let guests order via tablet or mobile phone at the table, improve point of sale efficiency, and allow customers to order online.

They also streamline a venue’s operations, saving time and money and reducing the reliance on hard-to-find wait staff.

How POSPRO AI POS can help your venue

Tablet menus

Delight your customers with a smart, user-friendly and efficient ordering experience. Instead of presenting them with faded and scratched paper menus, give them each a tablet menu instead. They can then browse your offerings at their own pace, scroll through detailed meal descriptions, and look at photos of the dishes in full colour.

During the meal, when customers are ready to order any additional menu items, like a dessert or another drink, they simply repeat the process. No more trying to catch the eye of the busy server. You can still have paper menus handy for guests who prefer a more traditional dining experience.

  • Deliver your menu on an elegantly presented 7-inch Android tablet.
  • Let your guests order in minutes.
  • Send orders instantly to the kitchen and bar.
  • Update your menu live, or scheduled.
  • Reduce staff, printing, and other operational costs. 
  • Grow sales by offering a seamless customer experience that increases orders and upsells and lifts average order value by around 15% (based on POSPRO customer data).
  • Let your guests place individual orders and split the bill hassle-free.
  • Offer your menu in any language, boosting customer satisfaction.
ai menus
Intelligent Menus

QR code table ordering

With QR code table ordering, customers can browse the menu and order and pay securely using their own mobile phone. They simply scan the QR code on the table to view the menu, place their order and pay. Orders go straight to your kitchen and bar, ready for preparation.

During the meal, when customers are ready to order any additional menu items, like a dessert or another drink, they simply repeat the process. No more trying to catch the eye of the busy server.

  • Diners order and pay confidently and securely with their own mobile device.
  • Customised QR codes create a quick and simple process.
  • Highlight specials and upsells to increase average order value.
  • Integrates directly with POS and kitchen order management system.
  • Speed up customer payment times and table turnover.

Hospitality Point of Sale

Let your POS become your venue management hub and transform the food service experience you offer customers.

  • Introduce customer loyalty programmes.
  • Automate discounts, surcharges, and voucher processing.
  • Manage tables, orders, receipts, payments, and bar tabs.
  • Update and customise your menu, pricing, and images.
  • Track the status of each tablet menu.
  • Add users, customise security levels, and assign access.
  • Manage stock and integrate it with your accounting software.
  • Create comprehensive, easy-to-understand reports.
hospitality point of sale
Online Ordering System for Business

Online ordering

Expand your business through a reliable, fully-integrated online ordering system for takeaways and deliveries and stop paying exorbitant commissions to online food delivery companies. Customers can access your menu online and see and order from the same menu as in-house diners. Orders can be accepted for click-and-collect or delivery.

  • Add online ordering to your website without additional modules or plugins.
  • Process payments by credit card, PayPal, and/or cash on pickup.
  • Synchronise your POS server and your online store to automate menu updates.
  • Send digital customer invoices and orders to a local printer.
  • Customise opening hours and delivery options.
  • Collect and analyse online takeaway delivery data.
  • Automatically create comprehensive visual sales reports.

Get up and running with POSPRO AI Menu POS

We understand you have a hospitality business to run, so we take care of all the hard work for you. 

We gather all the available menu information to set up your POS and digital menu, including available images. Other images can follow over time, as you create and photograph those dishes.

We discuss any specific needs or challenges you might have, including staffing.

We do discovery on your existing POS and technology, then arrange installation and integration of POSPRO’s AI Menu. You can rest easy, leaving all the technical hardware and software details to us.

We roll out the tablet menu and QR codes for you to review, including dish pairings, recommendations, and search terms. We are by your side at this time too, to help with training.

We run through every scenario, making sure that POSPRO’s AI Menu POS operates seamlessly with your payment processor. We currently integrate with Verifone, Ingenico and Windcave.

Go live. Support is available 24/7 if you’re unable to trade, or during business hours for all other troubleshooting.

Optimisation. Your POSPRO AI Menu POS will capture detailed customer data and produce valuable insights. This includes customer behaviour and user trends, what items are trending, top sellers, and how spend is tracking.

POSPRO AI Menu costs

We offer two options:

  • Commission. With the QR code option, you pay nothing for the hardware, and we charge a fair commission on each transaction.
  • Rental. With the tablet option, you pay an affordable weekly rental for the hardware but don’t pay a commission on any transactions. Contact us for a quote for your business.

No contracts. We don’t tie you into any long-term contracts; you simply go week to week. We believe once you experience the benefits of POSPRO AI Menu, you won’t go back to your old-school paper menus!

Questions about POSPRO’s AI Menu POS

You can still have paper menus handy for those who prefer a non-digital dining experience. The good news is that an AI Menu POS will free up your wait staff to spend more time with these customers, instead of rushing to get the next food or beverage order in.

POSPRO is set up on a local server. This means that if you lose connectivity, your menu will continue to operate seamlessly. All data is then synced and backed up again when the connection is restored.

Real-life customer scenarios

AOV doubled over three months

A POSPRO steakhouse customer in Tauranga specialises in steak meals. The main meal doesn’t come with sides as part of the order but, after introducing POSPRO AI Menu POS, the average order value nearly doubled over a three-month period, from $27 per meal to $56 per meal. This was due to the convenience customers experienced in being able to see and order sides with their steak dish, or as the order progressed.

Business as usual despite unwell staff

Another restaurant customer had several servers away sick on a particular day, leaving just one to take care of front of house. The POSPRO AI Menu meant that customers were able to place their orders from their table, which went directly to the kitchen. The sole server simply dedicated their time to deal with any issues or questions that arose. Customers also loved it when the chef brought their meals to their table!

What our customers say

“It’s a no-brainer really. It makes your life easy and increases revenue. It’s easier for the customer – they get what they order every time. You get an upsell on most items coming out of the kitchen because it’s in front of them. It’s relentless and the drinks just keep coming. Since AI Menu, we’ve had an increased spend of 15 per cent per person.” Cameron – Venue owner

“With the support of the POSPRO AI team, it has been incredible. We can’t imagine going back to paper menus or writing on docket pads. Once you get it you will never go back.” Sawreet – Front of House Manager

“I order more than I would do on a paper menu. I certainly ordered a few more things.” Martin – Guest

Ready to jumpstart your venue into the future with POSPRO AI Menu?

Would you like to see:

  • Higher average bill size?
  • Faster order turnover?
  • Reduced labour costs?
  • Streamlined operations?
  • Improved customer experience?

If you want to increase your revenue without having to raise your operating costs, get in touch. We’re confident you’ll see an immediate lift in upsells and average order value, plus other great business benefits.

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