21Dukes Casino – making sure all the games go well

Wherever there are gambling offerings, customers ask about safety and regulation. The questions are the same as those about seriousness. At https://21dukescasinos.com/ , the customer plays safely because it is regulated by the official authorities. The responsible authorities in Curacao make sure that everything goes well. Even if the location of the responsible authority may seem a little exotic to some customers: the same strict rules apply here as to other authorities.

The provider must be able to convince on a variety of issues. One of these points is data security, which is ensured by means of encryption so that third parties do not have access to it. In addition, proof must be provided that the games are honest and that there is no fraud. This is provided by special software. If the provider fails to convince on these points, he will most likely be denied a license. But at 21Dukes Casino, the customer has nothing to worry about, as there is proper licensing.

21Dukes Casino: valuable information about relevant games

Support and customer service are also very important. Because no matter how good an offer is – if questions or problems aren’t addressed, the aftertaste is bland. At 21Dukes Casino, the support is also compelling. For example, the customer has the opportunity to visit an extensive FAQ area to get information on a variety of topics. However, in the help area, the player will also find valuable information about the relevant games offered here.

These are discussed in the “Rules of the Game” section. Of course, the customer also has the option of contacting support. There is even a live chat room. A good choice for a quick and easy solution to questions or problems. In addition, you can also write your request in writing and send it to the support team.

The website itself is very easy to navigate and the customer can navigate quickly. Support opens in a separate window, and the same goes for live chat. Here, though, it is sometimes annoying that customer support sends unannounced chat messages. These messages come even if the customer isn’t bothered. Other than that, the site is impressive, compliant and user-friendly.

21Dukes Casino: a really fine casino with a lot of perks.

It’s no secret that mobile gaming is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately, 21Dukes Casino is doing it differently than other providers who either don’t pay much attention to mobile offerings or don’t even mention that they own them. There’s even a separate menu item here that informs the customer about the mobile offer – even if there is no app. Here he can find out both the address he has to call using the mobile browser on his smartphone or tablet and the QR code he can scan.

Thus, more than 100 games are available to him. However, the buyer should keep in mind that not the entire range is available 1: 1. Nevertheless, the mobile side has its advantages. The customer doesn’t have to download anything or worry about updates. The mobile page is also suitable for access from different operating systems. Thus, Android and iOS users pay off.

The test shows a positive picture of this provider. For example, there is a very large selection of games that the customer can return to. This includes many slots, jackpots, scratch cards and even a live casino. The games are produced by well-known manufacturers with a good reputation in the industry. Of course, security has also been taken care of, because Curacao has a valid gambling license. Thus, the customer does not need to fear fraud and robbery.

The bonus is attractive, and there is even a special bonus for different payment methods. Support is also convincing, for the customer, among other things, a chat room is available. The only slight drawback is the lack of a list of payment methods for site visitors who do not yet have an account. On the contrary, the installation of the mobile offer is commendable. There is no app, but there is a mobile site with more than 100 games. Not least because of this, it is clear that opening an account can be profitable for the interested party.